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So: food, drink, chilling, pampering, shopping, sex. That activity-combo is what makes Taurus tick.

And, they can have difficulty finding the off button for the aforementioned. This can lead them into trouble They are thinking.

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Taureans love doing nothing. Just being kinda vacant. Let them be. Enjoy it! The key to a lot of physical pleasure, and therefore the access code to their enjoyment of life as well as quelling their deep-rooted Earth sign desire for security.

Taurus Symbol

ALL Taureans obsess over, respect and manage their money. They enjoy investing and saving.

A Summary of the Taurus Zodiac Sign

Food is massively important and they enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties but, even more, going out to quaff and scoff at any given opportunity. Natural-born food bloggers!

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They only need to glance at a dating app, and it lights up with invitations. They know how to have a good time, so they make for great company - in love or friendship! They love attracting admiring attention, and are expert flirts.

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They take shopping seriously. A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Jan 22, at pm PST. Nearly everyone fancies them because they have this chilled, sensual demeanour which draws people in, perhaps we sense their love of a good time People under the Taurus sign are very conservative and they like stable rather than changeful life.

Taureans usually require a relatively long adaptation period for work, life and environment. Generally, Taurus is the symbol of wealth and Taureans often have insightful views on investing and financing. Element Properties Sign:. Lucky Color: Green, Pink, Purple. Taurus Daily Horoscope Overview:.

Taurus in Love. Taurus are single-minded with those they love, a little stubborn and sometimes slow in love relationship.

The Taurus Symbol: The Bull

Career for Taurus. While choosing a career, Taurus people give priority to the sustainability and stability of income rather than how much they earn. They would not feel satisfied with high-paying and high-risk jobs full of changes. Love Match. What are obstacles in love for Taurus Mean!

Taurus Sign Dates & Traits

The sensual planet Venus embraces its earthy side as it rules over the zodiac sign Taurus. Known as the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology, Venus embodies beauty, seduction, sexuality, and the female powers of persuasion. In Astrology, Venus is known as the love planet, and enjoys having all its senses entertained.

Taurus is a luxurious and physical sign with a sensual nature and a love of beauty.

reotingroche.tk The planet Venus coaxes practical Taurus to embrace its desires and indulge in physical gratification. Taurus, being the second sign of the zodiac, rules the 2nd House of Worth. In Astrology, the 2nd House of Worth is a representation of your values -- money, first and foremost, but also the things you value and find beautiful, and your own sense of self-worth. Taurus is a zodiac sign grounded by the element of Earth.

Like a lush, green pasture, Taurus finds comfort in rich and harmonious things.

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As the second sign of spring, Taurus uses the energy of its Fixed quality to hold down the weight of the season.