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Home Chinese Horoscope Tiger Born in: Weekly. Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between January 23, and February 10, If you were born before January 23, , your Chinese zodiac sign is Ox. Overview For you Tigers of , the impact of damaging Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter will not be that serious in , so take it easy. You will see the smooth development of career and can at least maintain the current situation though make no big breakthrough. Wealth When it comes to wealth, you'd better not expect too much for the income from work due to the limited rising space for work.

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As for windfall, you need to pay attention to the situation around and seize the business opportunity timely. Whether running a business with friends or investing independently, you will get something. Don't squander the money earned - learn to save up for the future. Career Perhaps the upside for career will be limited but don't be discouraged as it means a smooth year free from big waves.

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As a result, you will work easily and have more spare time in the year. You may take the chance to manage the interpersonal relationship or develop a by-work. Love Relationship When it comes to love relationship, you Tiger people of may have minor conflicts with your partner in For example, you may disagree with each other on supporting the old or children's education.

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Solve the problem timely and never start a cold war, or the situation will get even worse. You male Tigers are suggested to compromise since it is one of the secrets of a successful marriage.

Leo February 2020 Horoscope

If you are single, don't be impatient even if your luck with the opposite sex is not good. Health The luck for health will be mixed.

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  4. On the good side, you will be free from serious disease and get rid of the old illness slowly with careful recuperation; the slight illness in daily life will not lead to serious results. Their passions are strong, riveting and explosive. They also easily succumb to their feelings and emotions. It often seems they are not honest — but they are still always polite and sympathetic.

    What should they be wary of. They should keep their passions from leading them excessively astray.

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    Although they are a strong person, able to make their way in life with their own energy — they are not strong enough to take control of their own passions and feelings. When their passions are in full force — they are capable to rash and impulsive deeds. Although they can achieve victory over all of their external enemies — they will have the greatest internal one left — their own untamed passions. So it is important that such a person, usually happy about life, does not give in to their impulsive rashness and indiscreet outbursts that can lead them to put their career at risk.

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    They deserve trust in the matters of money. They are a very aware person who knows that money is not the goal in itself — just the means to another end.

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    6. They wish to keep and conserve their power so they wisely use their resources, thinking carefully about each step. That might make them look overly careful.

      go to site But in spite of all, their greatest danger in their excessive optimism that might lead them to unpredictable deeds dictated by visions of bright future.