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You may develop a philosophical outlook during this period. Finances look bright in the following period but you may still be in a mood of self-retrospection. You may have set ideas about your finances and gains on the professional front during the middle of the year. You may reap the rewards in the later period. Foreign travel is on cards for some virgos during the months of August-September.

You may get accolades for your work. Students who have completed their education may find good jobs. The focus may be on family again in the last quarter of the year. You may visit religious places with your family.

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The year may end on a happy note. Natives of Libra zodiac sign may have to work hard in the beginning of the year in order to excel and impress their seniors at work. You need to be disciplined and methodical over the coming months.

Family matters may keep you busy, some religious function may be organized in the first quarter of the new year. Students may fare well in their studies during this time of the year. They have to work harder after this period for success. Take good care of health if you are suffering from any chronic health problem. Finances also seem to be satisfactory.

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Expenditures may rise during the April-May period. Family and friends may be quite supportive during the middle of the year. Good gains are expected, efforts may pay off well and finances may improve in the following period. Familial relationships will be sweet. Be careful in matters of love. The year end may bring more responsibilities towards family. Travel may be on cards. The new year may bring good tidings for Scorpios from all walks of life. Relationships with spouse, children and family members may be very sweet.

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Relationships at workplace and with your bosses may be cordial throughout the year. Travel to religious places of worship with family is on cards. You need to work hard after Makar Sankranti. The following period may bring chances of foreign travel. Love may blossom and the eligible may tie the knot. Children and students may do well during the middle of the year. Health problems may occur, take care of infections. Work pressure may increase.

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You need to be really pushing the limits and multitasking. The last quarter of the year may be very satisfying regarding gaining wisdom, monetary benefits, financial growth and familial relationships. Overall a good year. For Sagittarians, a year of self retrospection, higher learning, family and self.

The year begins by integrating so many factors including partnerships, career, family and travel too. You may think over philosophical matters too. Some stomach related problems may surface. Keep the mind clear of tensions. Some misunderstandings may crop up in career during the first quarter of the new year. Handle them with tact and be careful about your speech. You may grow spiritually in the following period. Children and spouse may need your attention. Health of elders may need attention during the middle of the year. Students may do well in studies. Children may need assistance.

You may progress well professionally. Ups and downs may be expected. A good period to learn occult or esoteric subjects. As the year draws to a close, once again you may feel financially fit, most held up projects may start working smoothly and happiness and peace may be experienced. Use moderation and stay in control of your projects, by being efficient.

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If you are a native of Capricorn zodiac, you need to be extra careful of your health during the first month of the new year. You may experience financial ups and downs through the year. Professional and career front looks brighter after February.

Students may face some difficulties during April. Efforts may pay off well during this period for working people and students. Children may face anxiety problems during April, during exam time. Some differences of opinion may be expected in the middle of the year. Love may be in the air. You should, therefore, manage your tasks well if you do not want to spoil your relationships or your health.

You should make decisions with a calm state of mind. Hasty judgements are likely to blow up in your face.

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Thus, it is advised to avoid them as much as possible in order to keep problems at bay. You might have to undertake a number of journeys to fulfill work requirements. These journeys are likely to beget fruitful results for you and therefore, you should not try to back out or avoid them. However, unnecessary travelling and long working hours might put strain on your body.

You should stay away from bad company as it is likely that being with such people might influence you negatively and deviate you from your goals. Also, your image in the society will get tainted. Saving money will be a tough job as you will spend recklessly during this month. Try to cut down your expenses, otherwise you might have to repent it later. Monetary gains are on the cards. You will be able to earn well if you act wisely. If you are involved in a business, you are likely to earn well through it. There might be some problems but you will be able to overcome them and this will lead you to success.

You will be a determined person who will not be disheartened by failure. You should make continuous efforts until you achieve your goals. Make investments only after weighing the pros and cons.

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Be very careful in money related matters. You will be favoured by your luck and therefore, you should try to make the best use of this time. Fulfill your responsibilities well and keep in mind that hard work always pays off. You should avoid the thought of laying the cornerstone of a new venture.